Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Hi guys and gals,

As we embark on a new year, we often think about and create to-do lists of things we want to change and improve about ourselves and places we went to visit in the coming year. Although we have good intentions and mean well with these items of resolution we create, most of us never finish or follow through with them and half of us quit before January is even over. LOL

Let's try something new this year!! Let's remind ourselves of how blessed we are in the place we are right NOW in our lives! Let's be thankful for the car we have, the home we live in, the job we have, etc. Let's promise to be kind to other people and to make an effort to do something nice for someone at least once a day. Let's get off of ourselves...and focus on others in need around us.

To my Love Lounge friends and family and my loyal blog followers, I pray that you have a wonderful and enjoyable Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. I pray that you maintain positive vibes everyday and approach life with zeal. Lastly, I pray that you continue to seek a higher power because pursuit of it will ultimately open the door for the things you want in life for yourself and your family.


Life is about choices. Enjoy your life and choose your destiny!!!

Signing off for 2015...ONWARD 2016!!!!!!!

Hugs & Kisses :-)
Lady Elle